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3D Printing Technology

3D printing is a term for a variety of layered technologies, in which the printer layer by layer refers the material and manufactures prototypes or products. There is possibility to use different materials. The advantage of the process is direct use of 3D CAD model which is computer-processed and used for direct production of products without the use of molds or tools.

SLS is the most advanced technology in the field of 3D printing of plastic material. We produce for you products or prototypes that have high strength, which enables you to perform functional tests, because they have almost exactly the same mechanical properties as parts made with injection molding.


The technology selective laser sintering

In specific software we orient the models and determine their position in the process chamber regarding their mechanical and design features. We also add the corresponding shrinkage regarding to their size.

With another software we cut the models in layers thickness of 0.15 mm, that the machine subsequently uses for melting of individual layers of material.

The figure presents a schematic diagram of the machine.


3D Printing Technology