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Advantages of 3D Printing

The advantage of the process is the direct use of the 3D CAD model, which is used for the direct production of products without the use of molds or tools. Our services provide the opportunity for development engineers and designers so they can come to their first products with low costs in the shortest time. This will allow them to enter the market before the competition.


Fully functional and durable prototypes

If you need a functional, very tough prototypes on which you can test your ideas, conceptual design, fit with other sets than the Selective laser sintering (SLS) technology is the perfect solution for you. We can produce for you:

  • Fully functional prototypes of polyamide with excellent tensile properties,
  • Prototypes on which you can easily perform various tests without fear that they will break or deform,
  • Prototypes, which can be subsequently machined, screwed together, colored,
  • Prototypes on which you can make tests with liquids, because they are waterproof and resistant to most oils, acids and bases,
  • Prototypes and devices in medicine because the material is biocompatible,
  • Inseparable living hinges in one piece,
  • Prototypes for different development stages of the product.

Upon completion of the tests and the selected solution we can produce the final product for you. In case of small series the SLS technology is ideal for low series production because you save the high costs of tooling.


Save time and money

  • We produce and send the product within 24 hours of receipt of 3D model
  • We produce your product without producing tools for injection molding
  • Early detection of structural defects and errors in the design
  • Troubleshooting in the development of the product before producing tools for injection molding
  • Short time to manufacture small series
  • Use the models for presentations at trade shows, sales presentations and meetings with potential investors